1-22PCS Rat Mice Mouse Insect Trap Board Snare Catcher Board Pad Traps Any Room

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  • Set of 22-traps for large mice -The pack includes 22-traps for mice. Made of cardboard often and resistant, the rat trap is about 21 cmx16 cm and the DOPPIO (30 cm x21 cm) when it is opened. It's big enough to catch many rats at once.

    "Caught Strong-Stratified with super powerful odorless glue on the surface, this rat trap is incredibly sticky enough to grab the mice once they hit the table, making sure they have no chance of running away and chewing further on your furniture and stealing food at night. Even the older ones can't escape its grip!

    The material of this mousetrap trap is safe, ecological and harmless for humans. Great for home, restaurants, bars, garage, offices, canteens, fast food and more.

    "Cleaning without contact- Unlike the traditional snap trap that requires contact of the prey. Once the mouse is trapped, the glue trap allows you to throw it away directly without the need to the dirty mouse!

    Flexible design for easy use Open the glue trap carefully. 2. Keep it flat or fold it halfway or in a tunnel or whatever. 2. Put food, like cheese and pancakes, to attract mice. Three. Put it where mice are most likely to visit, such as the corner of the wall, the kitchen, under the sink, the bathroom and even the tube where they prefer these living creatures.

Package Content:

  • 1PC/22 PC Mouse stickers