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Brand Name:Foluuby 

.Colorful party round confetti, shredded paper. Dimensions: 10mm/0.39in. High-quality kraft paper, no fading, packaging in various colors, bringing you different visual enjoyment.

.Our Confetti is made from 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly water-soluble dissolving tissue rice paper.

.The colorful celebratory confetti housed in the Foluuby cannon is eco-friendly, free of any fumes and harmful substances, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

.EASY TO USE (FIRING 100%)--(1) Tear off the wrapping paper at the bottom of the multicolored cannon to reveal the air compression canister. (2) Rotate the compressed air tank to the left.

.The perfect lasting memory! : Make each of your celebrations the perfect memory with our fun confetti shooter. Let your love and happiness perk up in the air for beautiful and lasting memories. The perfect and affordable confetti cannon pack for your celebrations.
product description
Foluuby's are fun for any party, and they release a burst of colorful foil when you twist the bottoms around.
Operating using springs instead of fireworks, Confetti can be used indoors or out to keep everyone involved.
Great for kids parties or special events.
Note that spring-loaded confetti dispensers are gentler than air-compressed confetti dispensers.