AISELAN Large Adhesive Hooks Heavy Duty for Hanging,2pack 20lb White (plastic mounting hooks, filaments for suspending crystals, a remote control for light color and dimming preferences, micro-fiber cleaning cloths, and instructions)

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Brand Name:AISELAN

{Important Reminder}Please! Please read the installation instructions on the picture carefully before installation, the product can bear a weight of more than 20 pounds. Some customers report that the suction is super strong because he uses the product on suitable walls such as ceramic tiles or glass walls,etcs. Some customers report that the suction power is not good enough. I found that he used it on unsuitable walls such as painted walls.
(Highly functional)6.5" LARGE WALL HOOK FOR COAT TOWEL KEY,ETC. you can hang multiple items such as keys, scarves, hats, coats at the same time on a hook. The hooks can be installed on the door wardrobe table mirror or wall of bathroom, bedroom,toilet,kitchen,balcony, yard. You can use this adhesive hook for hanging coat,towels,shower supplies, toiletries, cups, belts, ties, bags, toilet paper,etc.
(Better design)THE HOOK HAS NO SHARP CORNERS and is SAFER. You will not get hurt by accidentally hitting the hook, especially children.The unique long-handled L-shaped design allows more irregular-shaped items to be hung by combination.This hook can be turned into a clothes rack, towel rack, pot cover rack, photo rack, mop rack, wall decoration rack, etc. It has been used by many people.
(What you get)This is a very cost-effective set of large heavy duty hooks,This set contains 4 hooks and 5 stickers(1 extra stickers) .The white hook can withstand more than 20 lbs.
(Tenant's necessities: Never worry about being accused of damaging the walls by the owner of the house)It is also very convenient to hang things temporarily. When Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day or other holidays come, when you want to hang garlands, Christmas trees and other holiday decorations in a short time, you definitely don't want to make the walls full of holes.

Product Description
Large practical universal wall hooks, towel hooks,coat hooks,hat hooks,kaleidoscopic hooks, plastic mounting hooks.
Please check the installation instructions to avoid a bad experience