Allisthere Aluminum Frame Push Button Underarm Crutches for Tall Adults, 350 lb Limit

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Brand Name:Allisthere

Lightweight aluminum crutches best support tall adults with leg injuries and other mobility issues; made with double-extruded center tube
Crutches use push-button adjustments making them adjust from 45 to 53 inches in height, with 1-inch increments
Wing nut adjustments easy to set and allow users to secure a comfortable grip of underarm crutches while in use
With vinyl contoured tips, walking crutches can traverse on slippery surfaces, decreasing the chance of falling
Crutch weight limit is up to 350 pounds

Product Description

Allisthere Aluminum Underarm Crutches are durable yet lightweight, with comfortable, adjustable padded hand grips and contoured underarm pads. A double-extruded center tube provides additional strength to the weight-bearing area, supporting weights of up to 300 pounds. Pushpin adjustments make it easy to adjust the crutch height in one-inch increments, providing walking support for users of differing heights. Vinyl contoured tips on the bottoms of the crutches provide excellent traction and help prevent skidding.
Lightweight walking support for those dealing with lower extremity injuries
Pushpin system for simple 1-inch height adjustments
Wing nut adjustments allow for hand grips to be repositioned for a comfortable fit
Non-skid, jumbo-sized vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction