Arpumorl Head supporting pillows,adjustable, 100% memory foam U-shaped-provides more perfect support for the head, chin, neck

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Brand Name:Arpumorl

100% memory foam filling: The slowly recovering memory foam provides uniform pressure distribution, cushions the vibration caused by bumps during long-distance travel, and gently cares for the neck, head and chin.

Ergonomic design: Multi-angle protection of the cervical spine-the posterior hump-shaped fixation of the cervical spine to prevent the head from sliding; grooves on both sides, natural fit to reduce bone pressure; The front end is raised to prevent excessive head tilt, which is beneficial Protect the health of the neckline.

Multi-purpose: light and portable, easy to carry, can be carried anywhere! Suitable for cars, buses, trains, airplanes, camping, family, work and school. Relax the head and neck muscles: rest your head while reading, playing on the computer and mobile phone or watching TV.

Machine washable: This super soft plush Head supporting pillows folds smaller than ordinary "U"-shaped pillows, can be squeezed into the smallest space, and can be clipped to hand luggage with a convenient snap ring.

A great gift for family and friends: A great gift for your friends and family can help any child sleep longer and sleep better during the trip.If you have any questions or dissatisfaction, please contact us by email, we are always looking for your satisfaction.
product description
Size: 30 x 30 x 10 cm / 11.8 x 11.8 x 3.9 inch.
This high-quality memory foam padding makes the pillow very soft and comfortable without dipping, which is especially safe for children. Designed to provide proper comfort while providing perfect support for your neck. High-quality memory foam fits the natural curves of your body, providing truly customized comfort. This pillow will help relieve the pressure on the neck and shoulders caused by sitting for a long time during travel. Very suitable for airplanes, trains, buses, cars, and even watching TV at home!