Awonguo black wide bicycle seat-Awonguo Bicycle saddles, bicycle wide bicycle seat, the most comfortable bicycle bicycle seat, leather wide bicycle seat

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Brand Name:Awonguo

.Ultra-wide butterfly-shaped bicycle seat, more comfortable-high elastic thick foam padding and unique ergonomic design make the bicycle seat perfectly fit your hips without affecting the movement of your legs.

.Super soft and comfortable bicycle saddle with elastic spring-specially designed thick padding, soft long nose and super elastic elastic suspension, the durable waterproof bicycle seat is a unisex super shock absorption and high durability bicycle saddle seat.

.The size of the Awonguo C20 exercise bike seat is 10.2 x 10.2 x 6.3 inches (length x width x height). The ergonomic design allows the thighs to move freely during riding without rubbing the thighs

.Our oversized bicycle seats can be connected to a variety of popular bicycle types, including mountain bikes, trekking bikes, classic road cruisers, and even your stationary exercise bikes. Its extra-wide, soft surface and thick foam padding ensure a comfortable riding experience.

.Awonguo's promise: Because we believe in the transformative power of bicycles, we provide support for various bicycles and are committed to achieving a mission: to allow more women to ride bicycles-comfortable, safe and beautiful.

product description
Awonguo Awonguo Bicycle saddles have a durable design, and the surface of the microfiber artificial leather is wear-resistant and waterproof. The solid steel parts are strong and corrosion resistant. Universal installation and easy to install, suitable for standard seatposts with brackets and seatposts without brackets (use the attached seat clips). Enhanced safety, the reflector is built into the bicycle seat, allowing you to be more visible on the road in a more convenient way