biabiuup Shin pads for athletic use, children's football shin pads shin pads for athletic use, suitable for boys, girls, children and adolescents

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Brand Name:Biabiuup

.Ergonomic and streamlined design-Biabiuup football shin guards are shaped to fit the calf, will not put extra pressure on the legs, and the shin guards will not move when playing games

.Absorb impact energy: Lightweight plastic lining and soft foam parts close to the legs, which can absorb impact energy

.Robust outer layer. The outer layer of children's and youth football shin guards is made of PP high-hardness board, which is light, flexible and durable. The three-dimensional design is based on the curvature and ergonomics of the front of the calf. It is more conducive to the perfect fit with the legs, to achieve stable shock absorption and protection. You can exercise anytime

.Adjustable elastic bands can be glued on both sides to be stable and not easy to shift, making it more stable to wear for a long time. Combined with a unique vent design, children's football leggings wick away sweat, breathe, and reject heat and moisture caused by sweating of the legs.

.Exquisite workmanship, professional manufacturing, perfect size, each piece is strictly checked. It meets strict quality control standards and can be purchased with confidence.

product description
biabiuup Shin pads for athletic use:
Easy to use, just cover the calf with this pad and put on socks.
High protection and lightweight PP housing
EVA foam padded backing
Adjustable elastic buckle
Ergonomic streamlined design
Easy to maintain, easy to clean, just rinse with water.
Knee socks:
The backing is designed with breathable mesh, which has high breathability.
Non-slip, sweat-absorbing, soft and comfortable
Recommended size 8-10 inches