Broom and mop rack Fioobam hidden hook gripper self-adhesive Wall-mounted tool racks suitable for gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, household plastic durable pink 3-piece set

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Brand Name:Fioobam

.Wall-mounted tool racks can be adjusted and easily released: each rolling ball can automatically adjust each handle and bracket, forming a very strong grip on your mop, broom or other tools

.Function: The garden tool organizer for the garage can keep your broom, closet, kitchen, garage, garden, basement or laundry room in order, saving a lot of space and time.

.Easy to hang and take: The unique design of the broom holder roller allows you to hang or take out the tools easily. The scroll wheel automatically adjusts the size according to the different thickness of the handle to prevent the object from sliding.

.Punch-free design: easy to install. Use it on a smooth wall, wipe the wall before use, fix the mop holder on the wall, and use it after standing for 24 hours. The paste is very firm and does not fall off easily.

.100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Fioobam has thousands of excited customers and is your reliable supplier of the best home organization and storage supplies. Backed by a no-issue money-back guarantee, you don’t need to worry!

product description
Fioobam Wall-mounted tool racks size: 1.92"x1.45"x1.77"/4.9x3.7x4.5cm(LxWxH)
-Long service life is achieved through high-quality processing.
-Wear-resistant rubber rollers and buffers ensure a long service life.
-Lift the handle to release it easily, and the ball will automatically adjust according to the thickness of each handle and hold it firmly.
-Can store various tools: Not only can store brooms, mops, but also any tools with hooks.