BSTOPHKL Household Bathroom Stool Row Stool Bathroom Plastic Stool Thicken Adult Children Stool Square Stool Practical Small Stool

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.Strong load-bearing, PP material, thick material, carefully selected material

.Increased and thicker bottom plate (41 cm in diameter, 1.5 mm in thickness) Maximum static load weight: 300 kg

.Using new environmental protection PP material, no peculiar smell, smooth, no burrs, no cuts

.Install non-slip mats at the bottom, the chair does not slide, the chair does not wear the ground.

.Practical: resistant to fall and wear, thick and durable. Bright colors, cartoon design, foldable, less space, easy to carry, strong load-bearing.

product description
BSTOPHKL stool thickened PP, smooth edges, simple and beautiful, smooth
Relax and comfortable, easy to use, dressing, changing shoes, dispensing glue, etc.
The backrest design is comfortable to sit on, and the chair surface adopts a curved design for leisure.
Small and light, easy to store, can also be carried, stacked and stored