Crequal Towel stands square bathroom oil wiper Towel stands hanger wall-mounted bathtub bathroom Towel stands

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Brand Name:Crequal

.Style-This bathroom Towel stands can create an easy-going and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. Use leisure bathroom hardware accessories to create a relaxing spa-like bathroom.

.Crequal Towel stands are made of sturdy ABS plastic to prevent rust and corrosion, and are stable in the bathroom. It is durable. Towel stands can provide you with convenient towel display and display.

.Double pole design-The double pole design is more complete, you can hang towels in the bathroom, put it in the kitchen, etc.; in a humid environment, it can also be firmly attached to the wall, and it is not easy to fall.

.Modern bathroom: modern design, installation hidden out of sight. Enjoy the comfortable bathroom and relax in the shower.

.This towel rack can be applied to smooth and flat surfaces such as mirrors, ceramic tiles, marble, and stainless steel. But it is not suitable for oiled surfaces, painted walls, latex paint, rough surfaces or cement walls. Our products are very suitable for hanging towels in the bathroom

product description
Multi-purpose Crequal Towel stands-Made of high-quality materials and durable, it is your best choice. Round corner design, practical, safe, high-quality ABS sanitary materials, quality of life, strong adhesion, strong carrying capacity, invisible hook, invisible storage, folding design does not take up space, beautiful appearance, creative and practical, multi-functional.