Denscton Toy guns,with 10 colorful soft bullets, revolver model shooting game children's toys boy outdoor shooting children's gun toys

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Brand Name: Denscton

Important: The slide must be completely pulled back, only once it can avoid damage. Don't load more than 5 rounds into . Don't do fire. Ideal for teaching safety and respect.

Safety education: If you are a gun owner, take this opportunity to provide your child with appropriate firearms and shooter safety, with real safe toys. There is no need to make educational opportunities than the safety of firearms.

Safety and Health Material: Children's toy gun is made of high quality and safe materials, not only meets the standard of children's toys, but also brings a pleasant gaming experience. Toy gun is driven by aerodynamic power. Parents don't need to worry about this toy will be a threat to child health.

Fun outdoors activity: like adult paintball, shooting guns can be a fun, challenging and active experience for younger children. It involves physical exercise, aiming skills, observation and stamina. It's also very entertaining, especially for group play!

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product description
Product Dimensions:5.51 x 1.18 x 8.27 inches
Important: It must be completely pulled back to avoid paper jams. Failure to do so may cause the guns to suffer potential damage.
To operate the toy gun, simply place 5 rubber bullets into the magazine, load the magazine into the gun, pull back the slide to chamber a round, and pull the trigger to release a rubber bullet up to 12 feet! To remove the magazine, simply hold down the magazine release button, and the magazine will eject.