Excgida Weatherproof Plastic Boxes with Durable Lid and Seal and Safety Latch, 2 Pack

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Brand Name:Excgida 

.Dimensions: 9.56" x 7.38" x 5.88
More intuitive transparent color allows you to view the contents of the box from any angle, improving the convenience of use

.The use of thick and durable plastic material makes the overall structure stable, and the concave and convex shape on the lid allows multiple boxes to be stably stacked together without tipping or shaking, which can also make full use of the extra vertical space when you don't need it. When in use, the lid and box body can also be disassembled and nested, which does not take up too much space

.Heavy Duty Protection - Avoids the cracks, splits and dents that plague most plastic boxes and boxes. Our stackable design distributes weight properly to avoid breakage and our premium plastic polymers are stronger than most plastics without adding extra weight or bulky reinforcement points

.The latches on both sides are firm and not loose, and can be firmly attached to the box cover to enhance the sealing of the box body, play the role of waterproof and dustproof, and keep the items in the box clean and fresh

.The small size allows it to fit under the bed or in the closet, making full use of excess and narrow spaces to increase capacity will be more organized, the lid has a handle for easy lifting, the edges are burr-free, and the rounded corners reduce accidental bumps during use damage caused

product description
Excgida Plastic boxes are more transparent than most available Plastic boxes and make your life easier. This allows you to see where items are placed without opening all the plastic boxes, the recessed lid construction ensures stability and allows the plastic boxes to be stacked securely, and the sturdy orange handle snaps into place to create a tight seal to keep dust and moisture out.