Extreme reflex boxing reflex ball -B-KING Punching balls for boxing-Boxing equipment fighting speed, boxing boxing ball is very suitable for reaction speed and hand-eye coordination training reflex bag substitute

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Brand Name:B-KING

.Improve your reflexes and reshape your body: Our reflex ball setting is to improve your skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, stability, agility and endurance by increasing your speed and technique while effectively burning a lot of calories The best choice to mobilize all your muscles;

.Decompression and fun-it is more like a fun game that can relieve anxiety, improve concentration, train your reaction time while burning calories, release stress at the same time, and make you healthier.

.Comfortable fit headband trainer-Our reflective boxing ball system provides a perfect fit for children and adults of all skill levels. It is equipped with a soft, breathable headband that can be quickly adjusted to fit your body shape to achieve the best Best training and efficiency

.The boxing speed reflection headset comes with different boxing balls, corresponding to multiple difficulty levels: novice, veteran, boxer. Different difficulty levels allow you to take it step by step.

.The boxing ball suit is portable, regardless of body size. You can exercise in the office, home and gym. Use boxing balls with your family at the beach or park to increase the fun.

product description
1. Adjustable headband, no need to worry about headband falling or slipping
2. Super light, super soft, no need to worry about being hit by face, eyes, nose.
3. Can be carried with you, exercise anytime, anywhere,
4. Boxing ball helps to improve the accuracy of heart rate, timing, speed and hand-eye coordination.
5. Very suitable for teenagers, adults or children, and even boxing coaches.
Headband material: latex
B-KING boxing ball material: nylon
Size: Adjustable headband (65 x 3.8 cm/25.6 x 1.5 inches)
Bungee cord: 90 cm/35.4 inches