FuriTou Cleaning brushes for household use,For cleaning, car interiors, keyboards, shelves, sofas, furniture, etc., long handles and soft microfiber bristles

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Brand Name:FuriTou

Material: Cleaning brushes for household use is made of high-quality PET bristles and has a long handle. Durable and sturdy, don't worry about bending.


Comfortable grip: The ergonomic handle allows you to easily apply pressure during scrubbing without straining your body.


Quick and simple: The long-lasting bristles can effectively capture and move dirt; it can enter small cracks and the cervix. It has a wide lip that can contact the surface to the maximum without leaving any debris.


Multi-purpose: It can clean up the dust on sofas, furniture, countertops, beds, and desks well. Sheets, sofas, sofas, graphics, TV screens, counters, cabinets, keyboards, pianos, and soft brush cans can easily remove tiny particles such as dust, sand and dirt and remove spider webs.


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product description

Package Dimensions:13.7 x 5.75 x 1.46 inches

This product is suitable for dust and sawdust, but also for daily cleaning, kitchens, beds, sofas, coats, desktops, cabinets, fireplaces, windowsills, TV screens, computers, keyboards and other areas. You can use it to clean any dusty places.