GINMAON Furniture Thickened Plastic Stool/Round Stool/Slip Home Coffee Table and Stool-34x30cm Kitchen Stool (Color: Green)

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Brand Name:GINMAON

.Large size: 28*21*24cm

.Load-bearing, the stool can bear the weight of an adult, so it can be used with confidence

.Material: The low stool is made of PP, with a double-layered chair surface design, which is stable and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity.

.Use occasions: Use plastic folding stools for picnic outings, hand-made, car camping and other indoor and outdoor activities.

.The bottom is non-slip design, no noise and scratches when moving.
The footstool is unique in shape, simple and interesting in appearance, can be seen everywhere, and can decorate your home

product description
The GINMAON stool is suitable for the baby's preferences. It makes the baby fall in love with the small stool. It is not easy to slip, practical and safe, and has a strong carrying capacity. It has many uses, such as foot washing and footholding. There is a reinforcing strip + anti-skid pad on the lower part, which has better bearing capacity, is not easy to slip, and is safe to use. The load is about 50KG