GLINSEMO Inflatable balloon cheering sticks, cheering sticks for weddings, birthday parties, concerts, carnival sports (red)

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.Premium self-sealing inflatable cheerleading spirit brings great joy to football games, rugby and track and field.

.Also great for parties, sports days, opening ceremonies and local sporting events, it's small, lightweight, and prone to noise, making it suitable for many occasions.

.Made of PE material, safe, inflatable, high-quality material guarantees the durability and fun of these sticks and gives them a long lifespan.

.Cheer on your favorite sports team with these noise-making balloon sticks! It's a great noise-making tool that can create an atmosphere of joy and excitement.

.Inflatable balloon cheering sticks package including 10 pack(5 Pairs), ideal for having fun on parties, come 2 pieces with a blow up straw included for easy inflation.

product description
GLINSEMO Inflatable balloon cheering sticks with thick material and bright colors. The inflatable design keeps it "alive" at all times. Perfect for sporting events, parties, parades, rallies and other special events, it easily creates a fun and exciting atmosphere.
- Material: PE.
- Size: Approx. 60 x 10 x 0.1 cm.