Hontostik 8-inch adjustable Hand tools, namely, wrenches, wide jaws, handle wrenches, ergonomic handles

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Brand Name:Hontostik 

.Clamp various fasteners: large-capacity jaws can accommodate various fastener sizes

.Easy adjustment to achieve a tight grip: easy-to-turn knurled adjustable wrench jaws to tightly grasp fasteners of various sizes

.High-quality material -: The material of the wrench determines their durability. Our wrench heads are made of high-quality forged carbon steel and are heat-treated for durability.

.Heat-treated forged alloy steel: with toughness and durability, good surface finish can reduce friction. Its structure is very good, sturdy and very reliable.

.Adjustable wrench: heat-treated forged carbon steel, surface plating, long service life. The small size design is easier to operate in a narrow space. And the adjustable wrench only weighs 0.5 pounds

product description
Hontostik 8-inch adjustable Hand tools, namely, wrenches for homeowners, do-it-yourself and professionals
Size is: 8 inches
Comfortable grip handle with double dip coating to ensure safe and reliable anti-skid treatment
Forged chrome vanadium steel structure, strength and durability
Chrome plated, anti-rust, longer service life