HOSAILY Professional eyebrow powder eyebrow pencil, double-headed waterproof automatic refill and spiral brush. Cruelty Free (02# Grayish Brown)

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Brand Name:HOSAILY

The shape and filling of the eyebrow stylist makes the art of eyebrows easy; the triangular-pointed eyebrow pencil accurately outlines the contour, easily paints the color, and evenly fills the eyebrows.
For flawless eyebrows, your natural eyebrows: The pencil has a soft styling spool that can be blended to create a natural and real-looking eyebrow shape.
Waterproof formula-suitable for eyebrows that last all day.
Easy removal-Eyebrow color can also be easily removed with makeup remover or oil cleanser.
4 colors are available: smoky gray, taupe, light coffee and mocha brown. Provide the best choice for different hair colors.

Product Description
Define your eyebrow statement.
A unique mechanical pencil with a spool.
The triangular tip accurately outlines the contour, easy to color and evenly fill the eyebrows. A soft styling spool with a spiral brush combs the shaped eyebrows.
Use our ultra-thin mini eyebrow pencil to create perfect and beautiful eyebrows. So precise, it can even color the lightest eyebrows for a natural look.
Freely control lines, outline contours, and quickly fill in colors, making it easier to draw natural and detailed eyebrows. , Very suitable for beginners to enhance and shape eyebrows.
No need to sharpen-twist to expose mechanical pencil.
Classic pencil.
In order to extend the life of the eyebrow pencil, it is best not to rotate the chuck for too long. It is recommended to use 0.2 inches.