HOUSMAT 8x10 inch Frames for oil paintings, Pack of 1, 100% Cotton, 5/8 Inch Profile Value Bulk Pack for Acrylics, Oils Painting

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Brand Name:HOUSMAT 

100% PURE COTTON CANVAS: Cotton Makes the Ideal Art Surface. It is made of cotton without rinsed with any alkaline chemicals, it keeps the natural tone and the fiber flexibility of the cotton yarns with high tension strength, so brushes just glide right over them and make painting effortless.
PINEWOOD STRETCHED BARS: These stretched canvases are stretched & stapled onto pinewood bars which create a firm frame. They are tightly stretched around the wooden bars for a flawless edge that are ideal for framing or hanging on the wall. Meanwhile,our canvas painting supplies offer great quality for a great and affordable price. Hope you enjoy the purchase experience with conda.
TRIPLE PRIMED GESSO: Cotton surface unprimed weight - 4 oz & primed weight - 8 oz. This stretched canvas keeps the painting surface ready to paint, collage, draw, sketch and illustrate with excellent tinting strength and does not crumble or crack. Suitable for oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastels, and tempera, etc.
INDIVIDUALLY PACKED: Every other canvas is vacuum packed. Perfect for creating desktop inspiration, themed visual library, clip-style collage, tabletop easel, and shelf display. Ideal for kids, students, adults, beginners as well as professionals with different painting levels.
HIGH QUALITY SATISFACTION SERVICE: If you have any issue with this product, please contact us freely, we will sort it out for you immediately.

Product Description
Natural Wooden Frame and Paulownia Stretcher Bars
HOUSMAT Canvases are made to the higher specifications and professional frame construction. The wood frame is pure fir wood with supreme care and craftsmanship which will bring you durable stretched canvas.
8 wood 'wedges' also supplied with every canvas FOC.
Excellent Quality - Cost Effective Stretched Canvas
All HOUSMAT canvases have been treated with three coats of acrylic primer. Triple acrylic primed to deliver the perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oil and acrylic - holds the color on the surface and prevents seepage through the back.
Besides, our Canvases are tacked and completely by hand in the traditional manner, as well as individually wrapped to protect the surface. A superior-quality cotton canvas with a pure wood frame construction may make you a lifetime painting artworks.