Huanianshe Garden Trowels-heavy-duty gardening hand trowel, carbon steel garden trowel with rubber handle, trowel gardening tool for diligent farmers, soil planting, digging and transplanting (hand trowel)

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Brand Name:Huanianshe 

.The tool is very sturdy. The pruning shears are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The trowel and transplanter are made of aluminum alloy. Ideal for all your garden needs, such as digging, loosening, aeration, planting, pruning branches, etc.

.Garden trowel is made of high-quality stainless steel, never rust, extremely hard, no need to worry about breaking. The polished cast aluminum material is shiny and easy to clean. Full-size adult heavy-duty gardening tools can withstand the hardest roots, rocks and soil.

.The handle of the gardening kit is made of high-quality wood, which is ergonomically designed. It feels comfortable and non-slip, reduces wrist fatigue when weeding or transplanting. There are hanging holes on the top of the handle for easy storage; the handle is beautiful in shape and bright in color, making it easier to find when working in the garden

.3-piece gardening suit: a long-lasting traditional suit. Suitable for various tasks, including excavation, transplantation, pruning, loosening, aeration, planting, weeding, etc.

.The transplanting trowel is very suitable for removing dirt and measuring the correct depth of plants, or for transplanting small plants and flowers. It is not easy to break, and it is very suitable for decomposing soil and ventilating, cleaning up garbage, removing weeds or mixing soil with fertilizer.

product description
The Huanianshe Trowels set of fiber composite materials is a set of heavy-duty manual garden trowels, transplanters and field cultivators. These tools are made of super-strength nylon fiberglass, which is stronger than steel and lighter at the same time. We guarantee our products and if your gardening tools do not meet expectations, then we will replace them without a doubt. This gardening tool set is suitable for all gardening situations, including children.