HZshark Bath mats-Luxurious soft and absorbent plush microfiber grey bathroom carpet-Non-slip washable bath mats20"x32"

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Brand Name:HZshark

.Quick drying: HZshark Bath mats are manufactured with special technology to absorb moisture. Helps you avoid dripping on the floor when you leave the bathtub, shower, or prepare by the sink

.Luxurious bathroom carpets are soft and comfortable, providing excellent comfort and support for your feet. The soft fluff can soothe tired feet and protect the toes from the cold floor

.Anti-slip: We did an anti-slip test. Put the mat on a clean floor and raise one side of the floor to a 30-degree angle so that a 130-pound person will not slip on it. Our high-quality PVC bottom is not only non-slip, but also very good protection of the floor.

.Easy to maintain: Our carpets are well-made, each piece of Chernier lint can lift a whole pad without breaking. When cleaning, pick up the mat and shake it vigorously to get a new look. It also supports low-temperature washing and drying.

.Satisfaction-We provide 100% satisfaction for our elegant designer microfiber fabric bathroom accessory set, and our unique bathroom shower curtain set 39 days free return

product description
HZshark Bath mats can quickly absorb moisture when you step on them barefoot, relieve pressure and fatigue on your feet, and keep your place clean and dry every day.
Our HZshark bathroom carpet will not shed hair after machine washing.
Chenille bath blankets can be quickly dried without machine drying after washing.
The carpet will not deform after machine washing.
color: gray
Material: Upgraded Chenille (Furry)