JHTII electric juicers rechargeable portable juicer mini automatic small multi-function juicer

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Brand Name:JHTII

Maternal and child-grade milk bottle body, high temperature resistance, drop resistance, corrosion resistance, compact and face, ultra-light grip, easy to carry in the bag

304 stainless steel knife, cut quickly and delicately, the cup body is separated and automatically cut off, one-click start

Using PCTG milk bottle material, long-term use does not change color, not easy to adhere to dirt, smooth and easy to clean

Built-in USB charging port, can last 30 days for a single charge, wireless power storage mechanism, fresh squeeze ready to drink anytime, anywhere

product description
JHTII electric juicers
Color: pink
Product Type: Cooking Machine
Body material: plastic
Mode of operation: push-button
This is a PCTG baby bottle material that does not change color after long-term use, is not easy to adhere to dirt, is smooth and easy to clean, and is resistant to high temperature, drop and corrosion, small and face, ultra-light grip, portable, built-in USB charging port, charging Can be used for 30 days at a time, freshly squeezed and ready to drink anytime, anywhere, 304 stainless steel knife, cut quickly and delicately, the cup body separates and automatically power off, one-click start, convenient and quick to use