JHTII paring knives two-in-one multifunctional stainless steel household vegetable and fruit peeling knife

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Brand Name:JHTII

Two-in-one paring knife shredder design, simple stacking, convenient and practical, peeling fast and thin, a multi-purpose, two-way choice multi-function paring knife

Stainless steel blade, tough and sharp, easy to peel, saving time and effort, rotating blade folding design, a multi-purpose

Smooth blade, can easily cut the skin of vegetables and fruits, serrated blade, simple grater, cute shape

Made of thick PP material, smooth, delicate and exquisite exterior, sturdy and durable, practical interior, also with hanging holes design, more convenient storage

product description
JHTII paring knives
Material: PP+ stainless steel
Size: flat blade: 13.5*width 6.5cm; serrated blade: length 12*width 5cm
Weight: about 40g
Commodity brief: two-in-one assembly design, peeling and shaving can be done, practical and convenient
This is a two-in-one paring knife grater design, stainless steel blade, tough and sharp, smooth blade + serrated blade, can easily peel, simple grazing, time and effort, using thick PP material, smooth and delicate , Strong, wear-resistant and durable, a multi-purpose, also with a hanging hole design