KEWLKIT electric plug and socket extender surge protector, multi-plug extender suitable for home office dormitory

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Brand Name:KEWLKIT

.Multi-plug socket extender-our plug adapter can be plugged into 2 large AC plugs and standard power supply at the same time, directly plugged into the wall, the side socket adapter prevents the wall from hitting the wall and blocking

.The electric plug and socket extender are made of 1382℉ fireproof material and have passed CE FCC certification, which can improve durability and safety. Suitable for any indoor places, especially bedrooms, bathrooms and hotels. It will not extend too far, and the plug underneath can still be used for flat design.

.Portable size design: easy to carry, mini size, can be put in a briefcase; this power socket extender provides a convenient alternative to bulky power boards, allowing you to have a tidy place

.Side entry design: The power socket splitter has 2 sockets on each side of the wall faucet; the unique design of the power socket extender is very suitable for the narrow space behind the furniture.

.Applicable occasions: multi-socket plugs can be used in any indoor place with sockets, especially in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hotels, offices and university dormitories

product description
KEWLKIT input voltage: AC 100-125V
Rated power: 1875W-15A Max.
Item size: 3.59 x 3.16 x 2.8 inches
Multi-protection wall socket
Equipped with surge protection can protect your equipment from power interference; it can prevent your equipment from overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, and overheating.