Knovein Baskets for household purposes, kitchen counter racks, fruit racks, hanging fruit baskets, fruits, vegetables, bread and produce storage rooms

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Brand Name:Knovein

.Baskets for household purposes: Made of high-quality PP, it is flexible and can be stacked or hung when not in use, saving space and being organized.

.Baskets for household purposes adopt hanging and folding designs, which can be easily stored without taking up too much space.

.Suitable for open shelf space, desk organizer, laundry room organization and storage, and craft room storage. When not in use, the baskets can be nested within each other

.These plastic baskets include the following colors: one yellow and one dark green. You can apply different color baskets to different scenes or purposes, and use them freely according to your needs

.Quality structure: made of durable BPA and non-chlorine shatter-resistant plastic; wipe clean with mild soap and water; do not put in the dishwasher

product description
Knovein Baskets for household purposes are ergonomic and comfortable handles. It can be used in the sink or independently on the counter or table.
The ergonomic handle is foldable and easy to store. It can be hung on the hook with a side handle and will not take up too much space in the kitchen cabinet.