KSIWRE Suction Cup Soap holders Non-porous double drawer bathroom Soap holders, strong load-bearing and moisture-proof soap holder, toilet soap holder suitable for soap and facial soap

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Brand Name:KSIWRE

.Excellent drainage helps soap or sponge dry quickly to help prevent soap buildup. The detachable tray makes cleaning a breeze.

.Environmentally friendly material, safe and non-toxic: our soap holder is zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), wear-resistant, drop-resistant, durable

.Soap holders: non-drilled soap holders. It is easily fixed to the wall with the adhesive pad (included). It sticks firmly to the wall in one place and is used to use soap/shampoo/conditions.

.Hollow design: There are 4 slender drain bars at the bottom of this Soap holders to speed up the drying of the soap. All in all, stagnant water? nonexistent!

.Strong adhesive, water and oil resistance: this soap dish holder can hold up to 5 kg/11 lbs. And after installation, it remains strong for many years without any worries. Super waterproof and oil proof, high and low temperature resistance.

product description
KSIWRE Soap holders are easy to install: no drilling, no screws, no holes, no glue, no tools to apply the adhesive soap holder.
Pasting position: used for non-porous, water-impermeable, and smooth surface sticky soap holders, such as glass, ceramics, mirrors, polished metal, stainless steel, plastic plates, wall tiles, granular granite, etc.
Used for: bathroom, kitchen sink.
Package Included:
2* Soap holders
2* Rubber pad