LLDYNW Stapler, Metal Desk Stapler, Binding Desk Stapler, 100 Sheet Capacity Office Stapler

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Brand Name:LLDYNW

.Premium Metal Stapler: The stapler is designed for durability Special inner rails provide jam-free, accurate staplers you can always rely on

.Sturdy and Portable: The desktop stapler is made of high-quality metal materials, durable and reliable, repairable, not easy to break, deform, rust, and can serve you for a long time; and the size is portable, convenient for you to carry with you

.100-Piece Staple Capacity: Must use 23/8 staples or 24/8 staples when stapling 25-50 sheets, and 24/6 staples (standard 1) when stapling less than 25 sheets /4" staples).

.Metal structure and non-slip: Metal structure stapler with soft rubber base. Sturdy, satisfying to use, and durable. it won't move from your desktop

.Excellent Customer Service: If you are unlikely to have a problem with our products, please contact us so that we can resolve your problem as quickly as possible so that you can continue with your project

product description
LLDYNW Stapler With its single-finger binding technology, it can staple up to 28 sheets with even a single finger press without jamming. Handles - Lined with soft, non-slip grips - for comfort for those who prefer palm binding. Featuring a sleek and durable all-metal housing, this stapler is designed for smooth, long-lasting use, making it ideal for home, office or school use.