LYICombor Swimming rings, Adult Pool Float Swimming Rings for Swimming Pool Summer Beach Water Floating Party Pool Toys

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Brand Name:LYICombor

.DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of thick PVC material, this swim ring is very resistant to crushing and tearing. Let you easily resist the buoyancy in the water and enjoy water activities to the fullest!

.Specifications and dimensions: the size of the inflatable inner tube is 14.7", and the size of the inflatable outer tube is 31.4". Suitable for both adults and children, this pool buoy can be used up to 160 lbs.

.High Stretch and Attention: Comfortable and soft material with high elasticity, so it can protect you effectively when you use it. Note: Do not use near sharp objects such as sharp rocks.

.LYICombor Swimming rings feature a powerful functional valve that is wider than other floats, inflating and deflating 5 times faster. It has a sturdy lid that prevents air from escaping.

.Easy to inflate: Each swimming ring has an independent large valve, which is very convenient and quick to inflate. Inflate in just a few minutes and have fun on the water. It can be quickly deflated when not in use, and can be folded for better storage. It is very light and ideal for vacation travel in a suitcase.

product description
LYICombor large size swimming ring with safety handle, thickened swimming ring is the best swimming coach for kids and adults!
PVC material
This swimming ring is made of PVC, which is non-toxic and harmless.
Double layer design
This thickened two-layer floating swimming ring is relatively thick.
Leak-proof valve
Swim trainers with valves prevent gas leaks.
1. The inflation should not exceed 95%.
2. Please use simple manual inflation equipment to inflate, avoid using high pressure pump.
3. The contact of sharp objects with fire will cause damage to the swimming ring, please keep away from these objects.
4. Children should be used under adult supervision.