LYSdefeu Magnetic Eyeliner, Natural Look,Waterproof and Smudge Resistant

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Brand Name:LYSdefeu

.[MAGNETIC EYELINER] - This special magnetic eyeliner is created with tiny magnetic particles that hold magnetic eyelashes to give you longer, thicker, gorgeous lashes.

.[USE WITH MAGNETIC EYELASHES KIT] - You can use this magnetic eyeliner with LYSdefeu Magnetic Eyelash Kit as well as other magnetic eyelash sets. It serves as a refill so you don’t need to buy another whole set when your magnetic eyeliner runs out.

.[STRONG HOLD] - Our formula is created with you in mind. We know you want to have a strong hold that lasts all day and that’s what you’ll get with our magnetic eyeliner’s super-strong magnetic formula.

.[FAST & EASY] - How to use this magnetic eyeliner? Just as you would other liquid eyeliners! Once the eyeliner is applied, then just place the magnetic eyelashes on top. If you want a super strong hold, apply an additional layer.

.[INEXPENSIVE] - Compared to other methods of eyelash extensions, this kit is much more inexpensive and convenient. Skip the appointments and waiting. Get gorgeous looking lashes even more quickly!

product description
Use this easy-to-use, precise, long-lasting liquid LYSdefeu eyeliner to outline eyeliner like a professional, eliminate the fear of pigmentation and get a clear contour.
The 24-hour long-lasting waterproof and antifouling formula can resist sweat, tears and water.
Prevent dry eyes. Suitable for any special occasions, from weddings to evening outings.