MOLOFUL Harmonica Polyphony 24 Hole Key of C Prime for Children, Student, Adult beginner (green)

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Brand Name:MOLOFUL

24 Hole, Key of C
Cover Material: Stainless Steel
The Harmonica Specially Designed For Beginners, Children
Harmonica Lattice material : environmental protection non-toxic resin
Package: 1 harmonica + 1 cloth + 1 instruction

Product Description

The main components of a polyphonic harmonica include two external covers, two copper reeds, reeds embedded in the reeds, and a plastic or wooden piano. These main components are assembled by screws, which is a A complete polyphony harmonica. This kind of harmonica is more suitable for folk and country music.
The harmonica piano is made of safe ABS resin material, each batch is professionally tested, safe and skin-friendly.
ABS plastic harmonica box, high temperature resistance, good toughness, can effectively protect the harmonica.

Product parameters
Name: 24 hole polyphonic harmonica
Tone: C tune
Base plate material: aluminum
Reed material: brass
Cover plate material: stainless steel
Material: resin
Color: Green
SizeL: 7.00*1.18*0.78in/17.8*3*2*cm(L*W*H)
Configuration: plastic box, piano cloth, description