PECHALIK soft dog grooming tool pet brush, suitable for dog and cat pet brush

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.The best professional self-cleaning smooth brush for pets: Our dog and cat brushes are perfect for all sizes of hair, gently and effectively remove loose hair, eliminating tangles, dander, mats and dirt

.Tangled and smooth: The fine-toothed stainless steel needle penetrates into the pet's fur. The precision comb makes the floating hair not easy to leak. The combed design is more suitable for the pet's hair and does not hurt the pet's skin.

.The material is made of stainless steel needle and ABS, which will not harm the pet's skin when combing.

.The smooth brush can remove up to 95% of loose hair, leaving no pet hair in the house. If your pet is shed like crazy, this is the perfect choice. Your pet will like to brush their teeth.

.Safe and durable material: Our PECHALIK is specially designed with comfortable grip and non-slip handle, no matter how long you brush for your pet, it can prevent hand and wrist strain!

.When combing the hair, it should be gentle and delicate, not rough and dry, otherwise the dog will be painful.

product description
When your pet is massaged or bathed, the soft PECHALIK pet bristles will attract loose and shedding fur from your pet's fur. Gently comb and massage its healthy fur, increase blood circulation, and make your pet's fur soft and soft. luster