Personalized Dog collars and leads - heavy and adjustable, suitable for small, medium and large dogs-prevent pets from being lost

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Brand Name:Personalized

.Dog collars and leads for small, medium and large dogs-for 5.7-15.6 pounds; belt: length: 4 feet, width: 0.625 inches; collar: width: 0.625 inches, neck circumference: 9.875-13.75 inches

.High-quality microfiber leather ensures that the towing rope is stronger. The surface is shiny and bright, more beautiful, waterproof material, can be used even in rain.

.The innovative coated polyester material gives the collar and belt an extremely soft texture and does not fade. At the same time, a strong cotton webbing is used inside to make the collar and belt set durable.

.Comfortable wrist support-belt is 5 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter. It has a soft padded handle for extra comfort. Provides a firm grip without rubbing your hands and causing rope burns. If you have a large dog, and if you need to pull it back frequently while walking, this dog leash will quickly make you thank us for the comfortable handle.

.Quality service: We are committed to satisfying customers. If you need any help, please contact us via email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

product description
Both the inner side of the collar and the strap handle are filled with neoprene to prevent accidental collisions. It is super soft, comfortable and painless to the dog’s neck.
Great value, perfect match
Including collar and belt, suitable for knotting, cost-effective choice, perfect match.
The super soft neoprene inside can provide effective cushioning to prevent accidental injuries to dogs, and can also take care of their necks when walking the dog daily.