Phontaik Artists' brushes, 10 detailed mops, Kolinsky sable brushes, round tip professional watercolor brushes, perfect for watercolor gouache acrylic ink painting

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Brand Name:Phontaik

.10 pieces of paint brush set-This paint brush set contains 10 sizes: 5/8 8 6 4 5 3 2 2 1 2/0
Length: 16.5cm~19cm (6.5~7.5 inches)

.Safe chrome-plated brass ferrule-you won't paint with a swinging or falling apart brush
Easy to care and reshape-clean the brush with warm water immediately after use (or follow the paint manufacturer's instructions) and reshape the brush head.

.High-quality craftsmanship-Designed with durable anti-shedding bristles, anti-rust nickel ferrules and solid wood handles. You can use the brush to focus on painting and always be creative. The white paint tray is durable and reusable.

.Ergonomic handle-Artist's corner brush, each carefully designed, with a long solid wood handle with a special paint color, straight and long-lasting foam, providing the perfect combination of balance and comfort, providing the consistency that every artist desires Painting strokes.

.High-performance brush set-Bring your artwork to life. Professional artists and aspiring young artists like to use them. They are great gifts for beginners, students and painters of all levels.

product description
Phontaik Artists' brushes are suitable for acrylic, watercolor, enamel, oil, Cel-vinyl, gouache, and water mixed oil paintings.
Ceramic models, dolls, airplanes, warhammer 40K, Numbe paintings, miniatures, crafts, rocks, leather, plaster paintings.
Face painting, nail painting, body painting.
12 sets of acrylic paint brushes
Human face painting
The brush will not shed hair.
Fix the nib firmly to effectively prevent the bristles from falling off.
Double crimping seamless technology design.
The smooth stainless steel aluminum tube will not rust and crack.