PISOBINComputer game joysticks Universal 2.4G wireless game controller gamepad joystick for Android TV box tablet PC Windows 8/7/XP with stand

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Brand Name:PISOBIN

.Computer game joysticks use 800mAh rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 8 hours of uninterrupted game time, and the P-4 wireless controller takes about 2 hours to complete charging

.Computer game joysticks controller control board uses high-performance chips, good stability, basically zero game delay

.The product is compatible with Android/iOS mobile phones and tablets, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ S10/S10+ HUAWEI Mate 20/20/P30 OPPO R17 VIVO X23 X27 Win 7/8/10 PC, smart TV system, wireless connection

.The analog joystick and trigger button are sensitive and smooth, with almost no input lag and drift. At the same time, the controller integrates a highly sensitive accelerometer and gyroscope, thus bringing a more accurate and enjoyable gaming experience

.Easy motion control: Unlike other wireless controllers, our gamepad has a 6-axis sensor to ensure a precise gaming experience. Dual analog joysticks and extended triggers can achieve flexibility and accuracy, making you a true professional!

product description
Features of PISOBINComputer game joysticks:
1. Precise rocker design, to provide you with 99% accuracy of rocker use.
2. Support gyro axis, dual vibration and turbo to give you an immersive gaming experience.
3. Test the quick button response in the slow motion camera to provide low latency between the controller and the console
4. It can support up to 4 wireless gamepads connected to a console. The connection range of 10 meters is perfect even for large rooms (without blocking).