RCMYou Cars Toys Pull Back Vehicles, Model Vehicles Toy Gifts for Baby Toddler Boys Girls, 1 Pieces Gift Pack

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Brand Name:RCMYou

MATERIAL:Made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable plastic toy car,ensure safety and play for a long time.
HOW IT WORKS:Pull back cars,no battery drive, just pull back, using inertial drive,very interesting and convenient.
EDUCATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE:Colorful and beautifully designed, which can stimulate children's imagination,cultivate curiosity,encourage hand-eye coordination,improve identification and educational learning tools.
SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN:With small,round designs and perfect size for children little hands,easy to grasp and no sharp edges, suitable for children over 3 years old.
BRING JOYS:Great car toys is a long lasting crash resistant and durable.Perfect gift for kids.They will have a good time.

Product Description

Friction Powered Car
This toy set will lead us into the car world.High quality friction powered car.Busy hands quickly learn how to power their car with a slight push against the friction powered action wheels.Let's take part in an exciting racing competition!

Pull Back and Go
You just need to pull the car back and let go, it will go ahead.Children will love it and have fun.

Each car toy has exquisite details,a lifelike look,a great choice for children and car lovers.A perfect choice for kids who love toys,this car is the perfect gift for birthdays,holidays and other special occasions.

Have a Good Time!
Suitable size,designed for children's little hands,children can easy grasp them by hand.Take them anywhere to take adventure.Play in home,courtyard,travel,beach,etc,all is good. Let's take part in an exciting racing competition!