ROE DEER Crutch Adjustable Dual Ergonomic Underarm Crutches (1 Pair) of Double-Function Shock Absorber Underarm Crutches with Arm Support Aluminum Alloy Tube For All Kinds Of People Or Obese People,Blue

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Brand Name:ROE DEER 

UNDERARM CRUTCHES: An ergonomic, contoured handle that is comfortable and stable to withstand any weight and stress from recent injuries or leg injuries.
THICK-WALLED ALUMINUM FRAME: High-strength aluminum tube, comfortable and durable, large tip for added stability, corrosion resistance, adjustable cane is very lightweight but durable, safely supports up to 270 kg.
ANTI-SLIP MAT: The bottom suction cup design, three-layer non-slip rubber ring, high stability and safety, it has 360 degrees of free rotation, 4 contact points, can stand and bend freely.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Legs and handles can be adjusted independently for optimal size. 17 adjustable heights for adolescents, adults and the elderly, obese people.
ERGONOMIC HANDLE: PU leather soft finish, comfortable to touch, reduce fatigue, prevent muscle breakage and reduce wrist pressure.

Product Description
Adjustable lightweight underarm crutches
Use these charming walking sticks to bring style to your steps!

Product innovation: the latest generation, more powerful than ever! ! Finally, a comfortable, fully adjustable crutches designed to make people's lives easier during recovery, while reducing any secondary injuries usually caused by traditional crutches.

If you have recently suffered a sports injury, joint pain, or limited mobility, then consider using shock absorber axillary crutches as the best alternative to crutches.

Our crutches are made of high-quality aluminum, light weight and comfortable, suitable for daily use, while providing the necessary safety and durability you are looking for in a crutches.

The tested crutches can bear a weight of 270 kg.
The height of the cane handle from the ground: 104cm~141cm (adjustable height).
Recommended user height: 168 cm-199cm; load capacity: 350 pounds.
17 kinds of height adjustable, suitable for most people, using high-strength aluminum alloy tube.

Packing list: 2 × crutches