Serwalin Artificial Fruits 6 pack,Decorative Fruit (Apple Red)

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Brand Name:Serwalin

Great Daily Decoration - Our Artificial Apples are great for showcase in food trade, fruit shop, supermarket, bakery, party, etc.
Useful Tool - Our Lifelike Apples will make a great addition to decorating home. They can also be a great children education tool or photography prop.
Best Material - Our Mini Apples Set are made of environmentally friendly Styrofoam, hand glue and other materials. They are very lightweight and durable, more realistic in color,texture,size and shape.
Fine Workmanship - The color of our Artificial Apples is bright and beautiful. Simulated Apples Set have the same appearance and size as real apples, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false without careful observation or weight weighting.
Durable - Our Lifelike Apple Decoration Set is high grade and reusable. They are not afraid of collision, not breaking, not rotting, not deteriorating, not stinking, not afraid of being eaten, whether it is open air, high temperature, wind blowing, sunshine and other environments do not affect its normal visual effect. So you can enjoy and keep it in a long time.

Product description
Color:Apple Red
Material: Eco-friendly foam
Color: red
6 pcs Artificial Apples Size: Dia 3.15 x 2.75 inches

The color is bright and beautiful. The products are cheap and fine, with fine workmanship, advanced materials and green environmental protection.

1. The fake apples cannot be washed.
2. Keep them away from kids under 3 years old.