Sonorphine adult non-contact infrared forehead thermometer, non-contact infant infrared forehead thermometer, fever non-contact digital forehead thermometer, face, body and surface medical infrared forehead thermometer

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Brand Name:Sonorphine

.Multi-mode thermometer: This digital forehead thermometer provides three different measurement modes. It is not only suitable for babies, children and adults, but also for measuring object/surface temperature.

.Intelligent: Automatically memorize 32 sets of measured values, LCD backlight has 3 different colors according to temperature, and warning sound is accompanied by abnormal temperature.

.Fast, accurate and compact: it measures temperature in a few seconds in a hygienic and convenient way. The large backlit LCD display can display clearly in any light.

.Safety and hygiene-Compared with mercury thermometers, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury. It is safe and hygienic for children.

.Engineering technology: The design of non-contact infrared thermometers minimizes errors in software programs by following the acousto-optic engineering design process, risk analysis and software verification.

product description
Features of Sonorphine Forehead Thermometer:
1. The measurement is more accurate: our laser temperature measuring gun infrared laser alignment measurement, easy to use
2. Equipped with a large display, suitable for home measurement.
3. Non-contact type: Adult clinical thermometer can be detected within a measuring distance of 5CM (2 inches), which is very convenient.
4. 1s quick temperature measurement: digital thermometer LCD large screen, convenient reading, with memory function.
5. With memory function: Sonorphine medical infrared forehead thermometer can record 100 groups of memory data.