Sonorphine is a soft Pet brushes for dogs and cats. It can remove loose undercoats and pet massage brushes with tangled mats.-Self-cleaning

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Brand Name:Sonorphine

.Perfect Pet Brush-The brush head has many thin curved lines, which are wrapped by round plastic particles. The comfortable brush head makes your pet feel at ease when using it. It can gently remove loose undercoat and remove tangled hair, dander and residual dirt. Make your dog/cat's coat shiny.

.The bristles are thin, curved lines designed to penetrate deeply into the coat and can really comb the undercoat without scratching the pet's skin. This will increase blood circulation and help prevent skin diseases.

.There is no need to waste time to remove the accumulated hair on the dog hair brush by hand. The innovative self-cleaning button design allows the pet hair to fall off the comb easily with just a light press.

.Sonorphine Pet brushes have an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. The surface is non-slip, lightweight, durable and comfortable, which can prevent hand and wrist strains during pet grooming

.strong and sturdy. Our Sonorphine Pet brushes are specially designed for you. Made of sturdy material, can be used for many years

product description
1. Durable ergonomic pet brush design
2. Pet brushes self-cleaning design, one-click fall off
3. Button, put away the bristles, easy to self-clean, safe storage
4. The stainless steel brush head needle gently removes dead hair, mats and tangles, and then the pet hair brush retracts for easy cleaning
5. Comfortable soft non-slip Pet brushes handle