SPECIAL OFFERS Mouse Traps Rat Mice Mouse Trap Board Snare Catcher Board Pad,15Pk,X Large Size

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Product Details

- Glue Traps Mouse / Rat Sticky Trays.
- Traps ready to use.
- Super strong and sticky with sturdy plastic trays no chemical poisons or harmful vapors, disposable, no mess & no snapped fingers!
- Great Non-toxic way of catching Rodents and insects.
- The complete direction of use is right on the back of each trap.

Size Xlarge: Open (31-32) cm x ( 20.5 - 21)cm   

Quantity: 15Pk


Like other glue mouse traps, these mouse traps should be only used to deal with rat problems. Please place them in areas that come into contact with mouse (mice) NOT in contact with any other animals. Please purchase and use only for the intended purpose.

To ensure continuous product supply, we have sourced products from several different sources so the mouse trap you get may be under a different manufacturer name but the functionality is the same.

Please also allow about 1cm dimension difference between brands or manufacturers.