TNEHOD Catch-all Nail Clipper, 1 count

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Brand Name:TNEHOD

STAINLESS STEEL CLIPPERS : Made of ultra-durable stainless steel, which is stronger than other plastic catchers
PRECISE GROOMING : This curved blade is extra sharp, so you can get perfect clips every time
BUILT-IN CUTICLE PUSHER : The lever edge of the nail cutter doubles as a cuticle pusher for your next at-home manicure and pedicure
MESS-FREE CLEANUP : The catcher holds all your clippings, so you can avoid a messy cleanup. Just empty the catcher when you're ready!

Product description
Keep your nails groomed, mess-free! Our stainless steel nail clippers catch your clippings as you trim and hold them until you are ready to empty the tool, so you're never left with a clean up job. While other catchers are made of plastic, ours are durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode, and don't have extra parts to lose or break. Clip with precision; the sharp-edged trimmer makes for clean cuts on every nail.