Ultrasonic Solar Pest & Animal Repeller Motion Sensor Bird Rat Possum

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1.The solar outdoor pest repeller is effective with the PIR function(Motion sensor), it will sense any movement and activate the system to emit ultrasonic frequencies which are capable of repelling birds, cats, dogs, rats, fox etc. The adjustable frequency allows you to select the animals you want to repel.
2.The solar outdoor pest repeller is weather proof and as such designed for outdoor use.
3.There are many kinds of birds, you can adjust the frequencies to try the effect,driving to maximum recommended drive most birds away

1.Color: Dark Cyan
2.Material: Plastic
3.Size: 13x16x9cm
4.Battery: 3x AA rechargeable 800mAh battery(Include)
5.Power cord: DC 4.5V 200mA(Not included)
6.Solor panel: 6V 50mA
7.Working current: <180mA
8.Standby current: <2mA
9.Operation duration: 9-11 seconds
10.Motion sensor activation: <15 feet 100 degree arc.
11.Ultrasonic frequency: 15KHz-25KHz(Adjuatable)
12.Effective range: 500 sq. feet

1.Mount the unit with the 4 screws and anchors(Supplied) on an area with sufficient direct sunlight. For better performance, it is recommended to place the unit at least 3 feet above the ground for optimum range. Make sure that the speaker is facing the area you want covered.
2.Turn the frequency dial to the desired animal you want repel. Different frequencies will repel different animals. Some frequencies will repel more than one animal.
3.Turn the unit ON by pressing the ON/OFF button once. Once pressed, the LED will illuminte red and activate the system and will stop to emit the ultrasonic frequwncy automatically after 9-11 seconds. The unit will be activated again if sense any further intruder movement.

Recharging the batery: If there is no sunshine or it rains continuously for a long several days and the capacity of the batteries becomes very low, it is recommended to recharge the unit by using the power cord(Not included). There is a DC jack located at the back of the switch. Pull out the jack cover, insert the plug of the power cord into the DC jack. Plug the other end of the power cord into any standard plug.

Package Included:
1x Bird repeller
2x Screws
2x Dowels
1x Manual

1.Choose an outdoor location with full, direct sunlight where solar panel can receive at least 8 hours of sunlight each day. Shadowed locations are not recommended as it cannot charge the batteries probably and will reduce the rechargeable batteries capacity.
2.Do not put switch to the ON position until the solar outdoor pest repeller has been fully charged under direct sunlight for one day.