Waclobe Clothes hangers, hanger with sturdy non-slip strip, smooth finish, wide shoulders, pack of 5

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Brand Name:Waclobe

Slip-Free: To better stabilize the garment form, the shoulder line with a sling gap design is added on the wooden hanger to prevent clothing from slipping. Rest assured grooves on each side can be used to securely hang your tank tops, dresses, bras, hats, belts, nightgowns, shawls, and skirts.

Durable and sturdy: made of high-standard grade ABS plastic and strengthened over time. Don't worry, it can stably hold up to 11 pounds of thick clothes. It is as strong as a wooden suit hanger, but at the same time thinner and lighter.

Wet clothes or dry clothes: Hang wet clothes or delicate "non-machine-dried" clothes, as well as wet bathrobes and towels, on plastic hangers or drying racks outside of us; unlike wooden hangers, these hangers will not Rotten, moldy, warped or faded over time.

Practical and space-saving: the 360-degree rotating hook allows you to easily access clothing from any angle. Its flat, slim profile ensures that the space-saving hanger takes up minimal space in the closet.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. for customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
product description
Package Dimensions:14.41 x 13.39 x 5.28 inches
Stylish design: Our hangers are elegantly designed, so you can easily use them in open closets, office coat racks and even retail stores!
Suitable for many kinds of clothes: Due to its curved shape, high-quality hangers are not only very suitable for your coats and suits, but also very suitable for your shirts, shirts, dresses, sweaters and pullovers.
Ideal for storing accessories: In addition to your clothes, you can also use our sturdy hangers to organize your other accessories, such as scarves, belts, bags, and even necklaces.