WYHDYCH Toilet plunger holders,Revolutionary silicone flexible toilet brush, deep cleaning toilet hygiene brush and fast dry shelf set, non-slip long plastic handle, soft silicone bristles firm

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Brand Name:WYHDYCH

Easy To Clean Dead Corners:The unique shape of the brush head can easily reach the dead corners , Especially grooves that are not easy to clean.

Design:Non-Slip Handle Is Ergonomically Designed And Easy To Grasp. The Lightweight Handle Makes Cleaning More Effective And Fun.

Protect the toilet:The soft silicone bristles of the toilet brush dry quickly, won’t catch things in the bristles during use, which can protect the toilet from scratch, damage and contamination even when cleaning with force.

Multi-functional Adaptability:It can be used not only on the toilet, but also on ceramic and glass products such as bathtubs and sinks, so that you can better clean your bathroom.

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product description
Package Dimensions:5.91 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
can easily wash the bristles large space, thereby improving the cleaning experience!
With the clever ventilation design, the bracket can take away water vapor from the upper and lower ends of the bracket, making it easier to keep the base dry and clean.
The flexible brush head can be easily bent, and our toilet brush can help you clean more thoroughly without the need for other tools.