XYSANCHUAN Braces for teeth professional alignment, orthodontic braces, orthodontics, dental braces white, plastic dental braces, professional molar braces for comfortable customization Braces for teeth

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.High quality: no BPA, using proprietary hydrophobic accessories materials, Size: 65mm * 45mm * 25mm / 2.56" * 1.77" * 0.98"

.Perfect tooth fit: Our proprietary XYSANCHUAN Braces for teeth fit material provides a comfortable locking fit, ensuring that the night shield stays in your mouth instead of on the pillow

.Comfortable fit-The mouth guard is easy to form in hot water to adapt to various tooth arrangements, tooth sizes and mouth shapes

.Safe and comfortable-We ensure that our thin mouthguards for molars are made of safe materials, have a reasonable structure, and are comfortable to use every day.

.Easy to use: easy to clean, they can be stored in a box after use. It is convenient for you to carry it with you, saving your time and energy.

product description
XYSANCHUAN Braces for teeth features
Ideal dental arch, medium strength.
The treatment cycle is short and never rebounds.
Especially for those who cannot achieve bow wire training.
No damage to teeth and oral soft tissues.
It is recommended that you wear it every day, under normal circumstances, there will be obvious improvement within 4 to 6 months