Yozechund Bath brushes with curved handle and soft bristles, back scrubber is off-white (length: 36 cm)

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Brand Name:Yozechund

.The comfortable nylon bristles can gently exfoliate the skin, while the long curved handle allows you to scrub the hard-to-reach areas.

.Improve skin conditions: Bath brushes can promote blood circulation and improve skin health. Ultra-soft bristles and long handles can help you stay away from the skin, quickly and effectively remove keratin dirt and dead skin from the skin

.Yozechund Bath brushes are soft and delicate, comfortable to use, not easy to deform or fall off, and protect sensitive skin

.The shower brush has an effective non-slip particle design grip, which can be easily and reliably grasped or held in the hand under damp and soapy conditions during bathing.

.Hygiene and never mold: If you have ever used brushes made of wood or bamboo, you may be troubled by the fact that they will quickly mold. Disgusting black spots of mold make you just want to throw the shower brush in the trash can. Our brush is made of plastic and PET nylon, as long as it is washed and hung up to air dry after use, it will never become moldy. Long-term use can still be as bright as new, greatly extending the service life.

product description
1. Yozechund Bath brushes are suitable for all skin types. Gentle and soft silicone bristles will not cause sensitive or acne skin allergies
2. 14.5 inches long handle, you can easily scrub and clean those hard-to-reach areas
3. The hook can hang the bath brush on any hook that is not in use for convenient storage
4. The non-slip bath brush is easier and more effective to scrub the body than hand washing
5. Silica gel is BPA-free material, easy to clean and dry quickly, without residue, reducing the growth of germs
6. Silicone shower scrubber has a softer and gentler touch to your skin than traditional scrubbing baths and shower tools
7. It is suitable for both wet and dry use. Promote blood circulation, improve skin texture, relieve stress