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ChezMax lotus – Branch in Color Wooden Hand Made Bookmark on Maple with Black Tassel – Made in USA


Handmade in the USA from only the finest sustainably harvested woods. Also available personalized.

Precisely detailed woodworking using unique wood grain to make each bookmark a one of a kind.

Hand selected hardwoods are chosen for a naturally beautiful look and feel. Complimentary toned wood variations are used along both sides to accent the design and fine craftsmanship.

Brilliantly colored non fading high quality printing of original beautiful lotus artwork.

Gorgeous delicate design. A perfect gift for Mom!

There’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. Whether it’s a cookbook, a map, an old classic novel, a new favorite mystery, or an instruction manual, we want you to enjoy what you’re reading. Our unique bookmarks are made to create a more intimate, personalized reading experience. We hope our creative selection inspires a continued love for the printed word.

lotus are symbolically associated with renewed life, and doesn’t it feel that way each time you sit down to read your book? You fall into the world of literature, an escape from reality, a new adventure with every page. Handmade from only the finest high grade hand selected sustainable hardwoods. This bookmark features beautiful natural grain maple, bordered along both sides by intricately accented inlays made from a variety of solid wood combinations. We then add our original lotus design using brilliant non-fading color ink on one side. A black tassel is added as a finishing touch, and to help keep your book page well marked.


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