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Sanrebay Shower Mat, Bathtub Mat – Non Slip.40”X16” Long with 200 Suction Cups (Black Color)


Sanrebay Durable Mat: our mat isn’t just for your home bathroom! It is so clean and durable that it is a perfect addition for hotels, gyms, saunas, spas, and anywhere else you need a premium mat to hold up after many uses. 2) Firm Grip: Our mat consist over 200 suction cups to hold the mat in place relaxing your feet giving them a great massage like feel. 3) Machine washable: Our mats are machine washable! Please wash before first use. Simply throw the mat in your washing machine on cold with gentle detergent (no bleach) and air dry. We recommend rinsing and drying your mat after each use to remove oily and slippery buildup that may occur from various soaps and hair products. 4) Great for smooth surfaces: Unfortunately, textured and tiled surfaces do not allow for the suction cups to properly adhere to the surface. Therefore, our mats are intended for use on smooth surfaces only. We do not recommend using bath oils as they may cause slipping.

Large size: Our best quality bathtub mat with size 40×16 inches covers the most of the length of the bath tub and offers you a safe touch to be fresh and healthy. Our flexible non slip shower mat is non toxic

Frosted texture & Dot design: Matte texture on the surface is effective. Exfoliating massage to the feet is relaxing feel and makes you comfortable. Non-Sticky dots are design on the surface

Machine washable: Upgraded version of elastic resin tub mat is machine washable, durable, stability, softness and feeling good with over 200 stronger suction cups. Water hole design facilitates to easily dry.

Know: Mat only attaches to smooth clean surfaces instead of textured, tiled or non-smooth surfaces. To avoid falls, please moisten the tub with a little bit of water before filling the tub mat, then press the bath mat with your hands to secure suction cups tightly on the smooth bathtub.

Strongly Recommended Before Use: Allow the mat to air out in a well ventilated area for 24 hours before use if you encounter a strong odor when the package is first opened. Also, it is recommended to wash it before use to get rid of unwanted odor.



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