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AUMGO Harmonica, 24 Hole Polyphonic Harp Organ for Beginners, Kids, Children, Students, Gifts, with Carrying Plastic Case



AUMGO 24-hole polyphonic harp is easy to learn, compact and convenient, beautiful melody, easy to carry, natural and pure sound, and stable interval. Suitable for playing folk songs, country and other genres.

Phosphor bronze gongs: The gongs are comparable to the heart of a harp. Made of high-quality phosphor bronze, this blues harp has a sharp articulation and a sonorous sound.

Bottom support point: The bottom half-open design ensures a certain volume, and the hard support column makes the cover not easily deformed after long-term use.

Customized harp box: The specially designed harp box is ABS plastic box, which is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, has good toughness, and effectively protects the harp.

Outdoor whistle: Double-tube high-frequency multi-function outdoor whistle, using high-quality aluminum alloy surface oxidation sandblasting treatment, light weight, easy to carry.

.♪ Each harmonica is made of high-quality element bronze reeds, with a machining accuracy of 2/100mm, which makes the sound more pleasing to the ear. During the manufacturing process, we precisely tune and test each harmonica to ensure perfect quality and improve performance.


.♪ Premium Materials – Equipped with phosphor bronze reeds, the harmonica provides high sensitivity and powerful explosive power. Thickened brass base (1.1mm thick) is durable and won’t break easily. The non-toxic ABS comb is waterproof and has high hardness.


.♪♪Size – AUMGO harmonica, 24 holes, detailed size: 5.8″x1.6″x1.2″, portable design, you don’t even realize it exists when you carry it


.♪ Slot cover design – feel comfortable when playing, easy to use technique, give players a new experience. EXCELLENT PACKAGING – Beautifully and compactly packaged, it can be used as birthday gift, college gift, holiday souvenir or business meeting gift and wedding anniversary, etc.


.♪Care and Clean Head – Spray the lid and comb with 70% ethanol, after about 15 seconds, wipe the surface with a cloth. No heating, no hair dryer, no sunlight, just air drying. If there are some small things in the comb, you can brush it lightly with a very soft brush. Do not use sharp tools, it will damage the reed. If you are going to open the cover, be careful to save the screws.


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